SDP-65S Brake Pad Shimano New Saint

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SDP-65S Brake Pad For Shimano New Saint Material: M4 Color: Brown/Black

Why SCS is the best brand of brake parts repair market in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden?
Answer: SCS produces the best and most secure brake pads in the world. 
1. The only one passed DIN Plus test and certification! Refer to below table:
    (Most of famous brand in Europe, the U.S., Japan and Taiwan have not passed the test yet. ) 
2. The best brake force in dry and wet conditions (dual-use at high and low temperature). Better than most of brands, even Shxxno!
3. Guaranteed noiseless. ( No like other brands only with temporary micro-noise in 60 days)
4. The reasonable price compared to the major brands.
5. The most diligent service and timely delivery.
DIN Plus 79200(enhanced version) The TUV Rheinland test report is as follows:
   (using Shimano XT caliper and same rim set, only change brake shoes)
Test Items Brake delay value
in dry 48m/s²
(180N Hand Force)
Brake delay value
in wet 2.8 m/s²
(180N Hand Force)
Consistently brake 3000 times, the brake force reduction and wear shall not exceed to 10%
(Can not wear off the safety brake line)
After cooling, maintaining upto 80% brake force compared with original brake force
M70/T3 ceramics
5.64 m/s²
120N (Hand Force)
2.91 m/s²
90N (Hand Force)
(1875 times)
DIN ceramics
6.91 m/s²
120N (Hand Force)
3.87 m/s²
90N (Hand Force)
(more than 3000 times)
Kxxlstop 5.77 m/s² 1.69 m/s² Failed
(955 times)
Swixxstop 5.83 m/s² 3.05 m/s² Failed
(2392 times)
Other three brands of the brake shoes in Taiwan 5.72 m/s²
5.11 m/s²
3.79 m/s²
0.91 m/s²
Failed (225 times)
Failed (920 times)
Failed (45 times)
The above comparison table reproduced from Germany TUV19 / 20/2003, No: 11001501 & No: 11001483 test report,  for professional drivers and expert reference
EN14766 test shows:  brake force does not drop (still with 91% to 103%) at high temperature