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Renault Zoe is a five-door supermini that runs exclusively on electricity. The car is a bespoke model, though related to the Clio and produced on the same assembly line. It was first show in production form at the Paris Motor Show 2013 and entered mass production in 2013 due to delays, though limited numbers were given to customers in December 2012. Zoe is powered by a single electric motor driving the front wheels and producing 88 HP and 220 Nm of constant torque. The onboard battery can achieve around 100 km (62 miles) in cold weather and 150 km (93 miles) in temperate conditions.

Innovation for a better life

1. Regenerative braking:
Every time the driver brakes, the battery gets a boost of energy. Clever!
2. Heat pump:
The heat pump is able to air-condition and heat your car more efficiently
than a traditional system, meaning you can stay comfortable without
worrying about range.
3. EV tyres:
Specifically designed for ZOE, these tyres are able to maximize ZOEs range due to ultra-low rolling resistance technology.*
4. Chameleon Charger ™:
Uniquely fitted to ZOE, the Chameleon Charger™ is always able to charge at maximum power available and is therefore quicker and
more efficient, saving you time and money.
5. Pre-conditioning:
Through Z.E. Connected Services** you can pre-set the temperature of the car so it’s ready for you before you get in. Toasty in winter and cool in summer!
6. Eco-mode:
When using the eco-mode, the dynamic performance and air  conditioning or heating is limited to maximize ZOE’s driving range.

Engine Specifications

Synchronous electric motor rotor coil


65 KW @ 3000-11300 RPM
88 HP @ 3000-11300 RPM
87 BHP @ 3000-11300 RPM
162 lb-ft @ 250-2500 RPM
220 Nm @ 250-2500 RPM
Fuel System
Lithium-ion battery 400

Technology: Lithium-ion 400
Total voltage (Volts) 12
Number of modules Number of cells: 192
Available energy 22 kWh
Weight 290 kG

Charging time

Type of charger: Chameleon charger (adaptive single-three phased from 3 to 43 kW)

3 kW Wall box single-phased 16A - 6-9 hours
22 kW borne three-phased 32A - 80 % of the battery in 1 hour
43 kW borne three-phased 63A - 80 % of the battery in 30 min

Dimensions & Specifications
160.8 in OR 4084 mm
68.1 in OR 1730 mm
61.5 in OR 1562 mm
Front/rear Track
59.5/59.4 in OR 1,511/1,509 mm
101.9 in OR 2588 mm
Ground Clearance
4.7 in OR 119 mm
Cargo Volume
11.9 cuFT OR 337 L
Performance Specifications
Top Speed
84 mph OR 135 km/h
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph)
13.5 s
Tires Specifications
Tire Size
185/65 R15 or 195/65 R16
Brakes Specifications
Ventilated disk 258mm
Transmission Specifications
Drive Type
Front Wheel Drive
single gear