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A chrome diamond on a wide, black radiator grille, streamlined
blue-tinted headlamps and transparent rear lights with
concentric blue edges give ZOE a strong electric identity.

ZOE has the stylish appearance of a coupe thanks to built in
rear door handles, which have been branded with the designer’s
fingerprint. Combined with an interior design that is thoughtful
and spacious, ZOE offers the best of both worlds.

The new Z.E. 40 battery was developed by Renault with a
revolutionary technology which doubles the capacity of the
lithium-ion battery, in exactly the same dimensions! 250 miles
NEDC* on one charge, with the same benefits as the 22kWh
battery, such as simple recharging, no required maintenance
and easy recycling at the end of its life.
Located under the floor to lower the center of gravity, the
battery has no impact on either roominess of the car or
on the boot volume. ZOE offers 100% torque from start, a
quiet motor, no gear changes or petrol stations, and relaxed
driving pleasure.

Innovation for a better life

1. Regenerative braking:
Every time the driver
brakes, the battery gets a
boost of energy. Clever!
2. Heat pump:
The heat pump is able
to air-condition and heat
your car more efficiently
than a traditional system,
meaning you can stay
comfortable without
worrying about range.
3. EV tyres:
Specifically designed for
ZOE, these tyres are able
to maximize ZOEs range
due to ultra-low rolling
resistance technology.*
4. Chameleon Charger ™:
Uniquely fitted to ZOE, the
Chameleon Charger™ is
always able to charge at
maximum power available
and is therefore quicker and
more efficient, saving you
time and money.
5. Pre-conditioning:
Through Z.E. Connected
Services** you can pre-set
the temperature of the car
so it’s ready for you before
you get in. Toasty in winter
and cool in summer!
6. Eco-mode:
When using the eco-
mode, the dynamic
performance and air
conditioning or heating is
limited to maximize ZOE’s
driving range.

Battery and charging Just like the other models in the Renault Z.E. range, ZOE
is fitted with a lithium-ion battery, offering great performance.
It is very simple to charge, even when it is fully discharged and
it can also be recycled at the end of it’s life.
Thanks to The Chameleon Charger ™ that is uniquely fitted to
ZOE, it is compatible with various power sockets and sources,
providing you with a range of charging options. The result?
Minimised charging times and maximised flexibility.
Three easy ways to charge?
1. At Home. - A Homecharger is fitted by Chargemaster
and offers a 7kW charge that can fully charge the ZOE
in 7-8 hours. Now that ZOE with Z.E. 40 battery can go even
further, the majority of your charging will take place at home
so that topping up the car can be effortlessly integrated into
your daily routine (1,2,3 & 4) .
2. Destination. There are already over 3,000 public charging
posts nationwide that provide a charge between 22kW to
3kW and can charge your car from 3-16 hours respectively.
This type of charge is ideal for round trips, such as going to
and from one destination.
3. Quick. These appliances are placed at key locations such
as motorway services and have a 43kW capacity. They are
ideal for long journeys and can charge your ZOE with Z.E. 40
battery to 80% in 1h 45 mins. With Quick Charge option, this
only takes 65 mins. See Quick Charge page
• 15" Aerobase wheel trims
• TFT dashboard display with
driving style indicator
• ABS with EBA (Emergency Brake
Assist) and EBD (Electronic
Brakeforce Distribution)
• Cruise Control and speed limiter
• ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
• ETC (Electronic Traction Control)
• Keycard entry with push button Start/
Stop function
• Automatic climate control with one
touch quick demist function
• Height and reach adjustable
steering wheel
• Electric windows - front
• USB socket and AUX socket
• 4x20W Renault R-Link Multimedia
system including 7" touch screen,
TomTom ® LIVE navigation, FM tuner,
Bluetooth ® * audio streaming and
hands-free calls, and voice control
• ECO mode function
• Driver and front passenger front
and side airbags
• Z.E. Voice (low speed pedestrian
• 7kW Z.E. ready domestic wallbox
fitted at your home (exclusive to
retail customers)***
• Chameleon charger with a charging
time of between 1 and 13.5 hours
depending on power supply
• Heat pump
• 15" Michelin ENERGY E-V tyres
• Z.E. Connect (remote monitoring of
battery charge and estimated range)
3 years’ subscription free as standard
for all versions. Renewal required
after 3 years**